How to Prevent Concrete Cancer


A colloquial term for a number of defects found in concrete, concrete cancer is serious business and needs to be dealt with as soon as it is detected. The best method, however, is prevention. (more…)

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5 Common Waterproofing Issues Commercial Buildings Face

It may seem obvious, but there are many ways a multi-storey building is different to a house. A major difference is the waterproofing issues, as there are many more threats to the businesses using the development as opposed to a single-business structure. (more…)

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Incredible Rooftop Gardens from Around the World


It’s always a good feeling to glimpse a touch of green in the midst of a grey urban sprawl. Rooftop gardens are invading our urban spaces - they’re on the rise, and equal parts eco-friendly and chic. They add beauty to industrial areas and help lessen our impact upon the environment. Plus, they’re also statistically good for employee morale and productivity compared to a drab break. (more…)

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Coastal Waterproofing – Waterproofing to Last!

Most of the Aussie population lives around the coast, and it’s a great lifestyle with numerous benefits. But building by the sea can also have its drawbacks, with wild weather and constant exposure to ocean spray inevitably leading to damage and deterioration over time. Waterproofing in a coastal or harbour environment requires a waterproofing system that will resist the harsh weather conditions associated with these areas, including the highly aggressive and damaging effects of salt. (more…)

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10 Tips for Building and Waterproofing a Retaining Wall

Building a retaining wall is often the best way to create usable space on a sloping site or create visual interest in an otherwise flat garden. Regardless of whether the retaining wall is designed for aesthetic or practical purposes, however, unless it is designed and constructed well it won’t serve either purpose. Good design really begins below the ground and behind the wall, so if you’re wanting a trouble free wall that will look good for years to come then consider the critical elements outlined in this article. (more…)

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