What to Do If Your House Gets Flooded

Whether caused by a flooding river, a burst water pipe, tidal influences, or a storm, water can cause extensive damage to your home, contents and other assets. Each year, floods cost Australians around $400 million, with the main cause being the flooding of rivers and drainage systems, exceptionally heavy rains, and storm surges caused by tropical cyclones. (more…)

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What Strata Owners Can Do to Reduce Storm Damage to Apartments


Do you know what to do if your strata property is damaged in a storm? The damage storms can do to an apartment can be very costly and repairing the damage may take weeks to complete. This could leave you without a home or one that’s not convenient to live in while the repairs are being done. But luckily there are things you can to prevent storm damage, such as waterproofing your apartments. (more…)

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The Impact of Railway Vibrations and How Can It Be Reduced


Railways are vital to modern cities. As transport arteries they allow greater numbers of people to live in concentrated areas, and help to reduce congestion and pollution generated by travelling on our roads. (more…)

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8 Tips For Turning Your Balcony Into A Lush Garden Paradise


More and more people are living in apartments - especially in the hearts of our cities. These are often the only affordable way to enjoy the convenience of living close to work or other facilities, and enjoy the vibrant inner-city lifestyle on evenings and weekends. (more…)

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How to Prevent Concrete Cancer


A colloquial term for a number of defects found in concrete, concrete cancer is serious business and needs to be dealt with as soon as it is detected. The best method, however, is prevention. (more…)

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