The Koster Remedial Product Range

Koster, including for leaking pool sealing and basement waterproofing

The Koster waterproofing system is a range of specialty remedial products able to be used by a tradesman or handyman alike.

Koster, from Germany, have specialised in such systems for decades all over the world.

Whether the project is restoration of a heritage building, fixing a leaking pool internal basement waterproofing plugging in rushes of water within seconds, potable water solutions or waterproofing products which work from both the Positive & Negative side of the structure, Projex/Koster now have the optimum solution.

Koster is perfect for jobs needing basement waterproofing (leaking basement repair) or other areas where access is restricted to the external surface. 


  1. Negative Pressure Waterproofing (Up to 13 Bar)
  2. Positive Pressure Waterproofing
  3. Potable Water Solutions
  4. Cable Penetration Sealant
  5. Bitumen & Polyurethane Cleaning Agents

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