Choosing a Sealer to Protect Concrete

Concrete is one of the world’s most popular, durable and flexible building materials.  Still, concrete maintenance specialists advise that exposed concrete needs to be protected by a sealer in order to eliminate water damage. If left unprotected, concrete can become corroded, leading to premature replacement.

According to Jaclyn Fitzgerald of the website Home Improvement Pages, concrete specialists recommend using a concrete sealer to waterproof concrete. This sealer provides the necessary protection not only against moisture from water, but also to prevent mould, mildew and fungus from developing.

When waterproofing concrete, a topical sealer can be applied that forms an impermeable layer over the top of the concrete. This should last for up to five years before it will need to be redone.  Topical sealers come in various decorative colours and include acrylic based and epoxy or polyurethane sealers.

Another option are permanent concrete sealers that fill all the microscopic holes in the concrete, allowing no water or other substances to get through.  Permanent sealers leave a matte finish and are not available in decorative colours.