Guide to Concrete Sealers

Concrete is used all over the world as a building material due to its durability, strength and flexible uses.

Concrete is a porous material that is subject to moisture, therefore the use of concrete sealers can help to prevent mould, mildew and fungus from growing by providing a waterproof coating.

Topical concrete sealers are acrylic based or epoxy and polyurethane. They are applied to the surface of the concrete to form an impermeable coating. This type of sealer must be applied to a completely dry, clean surface. Topical sealers are very effective and will generally last for up to five years before another application is required.

Penetrating concrete sealers create a permanent barrier that water cannot get through. It works by filling up the microscopic holes in the concrete so that water and other substances cannot infiltrate the barrier. Penetrating sealers are made up of silanes, silicates or siliconates.

A decorative element can also be found in topical sealers which are available in various finishes and colours. These can turn your gray concrete into a colourful patterned inclusion to a home or outdoor area.