Inspecting the House for Leaks

Water leaks can lead to unnecessary wastage and higher water bills, and they can cause damage to the structure of the home. Regular inspection and leak repairs can help homeowners avoid unwanted problems associated with water leaks.

Water leaks can occur in many places in the home. Cracked pipes, leaking toilets, and dripping taps can lead to significant water wastage. Householders should check their water bill for significantly higher water usage and check their home for leaks accordingly.

Leaks can be prevented by not planting big trees near mains and pipe areas, as the roots can damage pipes. Inspect and maintain pools and watering systems on a regular basis.

Householders who suspect that they may have a leak should start by switching off all taps in the home. Any appliance that uses water should also be switched off. Check the water meter. Wait 30 minutes and check the meter again. Where the dial shows movement, there may be a leak in the home.

Householders may like to check fixtures and fittings at this stage. In the event of a leak, contact a licensed plumber or waterproofing specialist for help.