Maintain Your Home And Protect It From The Weather

Home maintenance should be ongoing and constant vigilance is needed to keep your house secure from the weather.

Start with the roof. Use a sturdy ladder or hire a scaffolding tower and inspect the entire roof. Look for loose or missing tiles, lifted flashing around chimneys and eaves, and blocked or rusted guttering. All these things will let water into your home during winter and need to be fixed now.

Next, walk around your house and check window frames for old and cracked putty, loose or missing flashing, signs of rot, cracked window panes and split or ill-fitting door frames. Paint all woodwork with a waterproof paint or sealant, fill all cracks and replace old doors and cracked window panes. These will not only let in draughts that increase your heating bill, but water as well, which comes with a much higher price tag.

Now check at ground level for blocked downpipes and drains, algae and mould on walls and cracked pointing between bricks. If these are no longer keeping water out, then they must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.