Preventing Moisture Damage in Your Home

Water can cause serious long-term damage in your home. Laundries, bathrooms, kitchens and toilets are all areas where water can accumulate, and preventing damage is about regularly checking and maintaining these areas.

The following tips can help to prevent moisture damage in your home:

  • Check the base of your shower regularly, looking for any cracks or signs of water seepage
  • Check the hoses and connections on washing machines and dishwashers. Also check pipes and fittings on sinks for signs of wear at least once every twelve months
  • Check flashings around doors and windows for waterproofing, and replace any old or cracked window putty
  • Regularly clean out gutters, drains and downpipes to prevent water build up
  • Before leaving on holiday, turn off the water supply to toilets and laundry appliances to prevent any leaks while you are away
  • Seek professional advice from a plumber if any large areas of water damage are uncovered.