Preventing and Repairing Concrete Cancer

According to the Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA), there are four phases in the progression of concrete cancer. The association warns that the value of the damage in terms of the cost to fix it multiplies by five times if it is left to deteriorate to the next phase. In other words, a dollar spent to fix it in the first phase of concrete cancer is equivalent to saving five dollars to repair the damage in phase two. The phases range from the initial design and construction of a structure all the way to advanced corrosion.

The ACRA advises that concrete affected by cancer needs to be analysed by a professional to determine the extent of the problem and propose any remedial work that can be done to prevent having to knock any structure down completely.

The concrete repairer hired should be a qualified, experienced concrete specialist.  The ACRA provides a list of its members and suggests that using a member to undertake the task will add assurance that any problems are diagnosed accurately and the job done correctly.