Residents Survey the Aftermath of Severe Storms in Brisbane’s South

After savage storms in Queensland, almost 3,000 homes were without power in the state’s southeast. Most of these homes and businesses were in the Logan area.

During the storm, 58,000 homes and businesses experienced power disruptions. Energex recorded that the storm brought over 16,000 lightening strikes and winds over 90km/h. In addition, over 360 fallen power lines were reported.

The next day, 480 Brisbane homes and businesses still didn’t have power as well as 355 from the Lockyer Valley area, 1,876 from Logan, 199 from the Redland City Council and 41 from the Scene Rim Regional Council.

The Abbott family, who live in Logan, had a tree fall on their house and into their seven month old daughter’s room. The family had moved the baby just a few moments before the tree came through the roof of the room.

The family now faces an estimated repair bill of $60,000 to fix the structural damage caused by the tree.