Rising Damp Waterproofing

Rising damp is usually the result of heavy condensation in a home or building due to rising groundwater that seeps through the walls. It’s important to detect and fix rising damp from the start to ensure that the property doesn’t suffer long-term damage and a decline in resale value.

Rising damp can also be caused by poor water drainage, floor bridging, an absence of damp-proof courses, porous materials, poor sub-floor ventilation, and damaged or leaking gutters and pipes.

Liquids that seep through building materials like stone, masonry, concrete and grout can be waterproofed and protected with surface or impregnating sealers. Surface sealers provide a physical surface barrier, while impregnating sealers can help stop dirt and rubber infiltrating the surface pores. They also affect the surface’s frictional properties and appearance.

While it’s important to waterproof your home to prevent rising damp, it’s also important to consider how deep and how long the sealer will penetrate beneath the surface.

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