Steps to Winterproofing Your Home

There are several steps that will make sure a home is ready for winter.

Firstly, a well maintained roof that is waterproof is essential as it will protect and insulate the home from the harsher elements of winter.

The onset of winter is an excellent time to have the roof, gutters and downpipes checked for damage and cleared of leaves and debris that can cause leaks, blockages and fungus to grow. Clogged gutters and downpipes can do as much damage to the home as a leaking roof.

Installing gutter protection can be an effective way to catch and dispose of water and debris, allowing gutters to divert the flow of water efficiently.

Adequate roof insulation will help to keep the home cool during the hotter summer months and trap warm air in winter, helping save on energy bills.

There are several types of roofing insulation available, from reflective insulation to bulk and loose insulation. A qualified roof or ceiling insulation expert can advise on the most appropriate method for the property.