The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Crawl Space

What is a crawl space and why should you waterproof it? According to a recent article in London Community News, your crawl space is the narrow area between rooms and floors in your home that allows access to the plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

The article points out that because such spaces are generally neglected, they are susceptible to infiltration by insects, mildew, mould and moisture. These can not only damage your home, but because the air in these crawl spaces circulates throughout the house, they can also cause serious health issues such as respiratory problems and aggravation of allergies, asthma and hay fever.

And that’s why crawl spaces need to be waterproofed: to protect your home from potential damage over time and to protect your family from the health issues that crawl spaces can bring about.

The article recommends consulting with an experienced waterproofing contractor about having your crawl spaces professionally sealed against moisture, mould and mildew and saving yourself from future grief and expense in the process.