Why Tiling Quotes May Differ

In a recent article for Home Improvement Pages, Rob Schneider looks at why one quote for laying tiles can differ dramatically from another. He says it is all in the detail. When you ask for a detailed quote, you may find that the cheaper quote does not include:

    • The installation of an underlay and waterproof membrane, if the tiles are being laid on timber floor boards.

  • The installation of a waterproof membrane and the sloping of the floor for drainage purposes, if the tiles are being laid in a bathroom.
  • The additional sealing process involved, when the tiles are laid in wet areas.

Schneider recommends asking your preferred tiler for references and evidence of their work, which they should be happy and able to provide if they have been in the profession locally for any length of time. He also recommends asking for a quote for the entire job, rather than a price per square metre, as this will tell you how much you will be up for in total.