Where Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat can be used?

The Projex Damtec SBM is suitable for compacted sub-grade, cement and concrete structures, including:

  • Ground Services
  • Rail Bridges / Culverts
  • Underpasses / tunnels
  • Railway Stations
  • Open Superstructures
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Rail Crossings
  • Plain rail tracks
  • Heavy and Heavy Haul Rail Networks
  • Light Rail systems
  • Rapid transit systems
  • Passing Loops
  • Stabling and rolling stock maintenance facilities
  • Viaducts
  • Controls vibrations and noise emissions to buildings

How to Install Projex Damtec SBM?

Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat can be installed directly by the contractor(s). No specialist support is required for the application. A two-man team easily lays the Sub-Ballast Matting.

Step 1:

Ensure the substrate is clean.

Step 2:

Install mats on deck and ballast retainers on bridges, butt-joining them together

Step 3:

Cut mats to desirable size using a carpet or Stanley knife & install, butt-joined together

Step 4:

Fix vertical sections

Fix to Wall

Step 5:

Use reinforced Projex SBM Joining Tape over all joints of Sub-Ballast Mat and where change of direction is required e.g. kerb or ballast block. The tape prevents displacement and formation of gaps that can give rise to sound bridging

Installation completed of SBM

Steps Following the Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Matting Installation:

Step 6:

Install geotextile over Projex Damtec SBM to protect the effectiveness of the Sub-Ballast Mat from excessive dust and abrasion prior to the installation of the ballast.


Step 7:

Install the ballast to the required depth

Install ballast

Final Step:

Install sleepers, rail and ballast according to the specification.

Install the track
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