Wolfin Technical Information


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These are generic specifications. If you want it to be a Wolfin-specific specification then insert the words Wolfin or Wolfinsteel in the appropriate places. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to do it for you.

Technical Data

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Membranes Thickness Roll Size Colour
Wolfin IB
1.5mm 15m x 1620mm Black / Light Grey
Wolfin GWSK
2.3mm 15m x 1050mm Black / Light Grey
Wolfin AF6 Cast-in Reglet N/A 25m Black
Wolfinsteel Profiles Dimensions Colour
P2 40mm x 15mm Black / Light Grey
P3 25mm x 25mm Black / Light Grey
P5 40mm x 15mm Black / Light Grey
P6 50mm x 45mm Black / Light Grey
P7 65mm x 75mm Black / Light Grey
Non-Standard Wolfinsteel Profiles are made to order


All Wolfin membrane installations are guaranteed by a Single Point Warranty on both materials & workmanship. Warranties are issued in favour of the building/structure owner.

Technical Support